Botball Programming

PYR Stands for Program Your Robot, and it is an online introductory course in programming Botball robots. It assumes you can download the programming environment from the Botball website without further instruction, but is meant for a novice at programming in C.  It provides brief instructions on how to build a demo robot and building a sensor bumper for experiments with the code, but otherwise this site is about programming and the KISS-C Integrated Development Environment. Program Your Robot assumes you can find other sources for guidance in physical robot construction.

The content is continually being modified to respond to feedback, suggestions, and even some content from programmers, Botball coaches, teachers, and students.  Want more overview? Click on Start Here! or  in the above header.

The vision for this site is to make it as interactive as possible. Comments will be enabled so that students and teachers may contribute to the material and conversation about Botball, Robotics, Engineering, and Programming.

NEWS! (5/17/2016): The ‘Wallaby’- learn how to use  it – go to Blog above!

P:Y:R was designed and built by Azi Crawford (P:Y:R Site Monkey 6/13/2011 – 8/12/2011)

Here is a new header to remind the user of the objective of Botball – an educational competition – as you Program Your Robot.  Follow Azi [and give us feedback.] – Terry  10/6/2015

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5 thoughts on “Botball Programming

  1. nasarobotproject Post author

    Hi David.

    It’s mainly for a mechanical BotBall robot, but as KISS-C comes with a simulator – I’m sure someone could reverse engineer an interface to have the programs here control a virtual robot.


  2. nasarobotproject Post author

    To further clarify: The KISS-C IDE, a free download, comes with a simple graphic simulator for trying motion, and line sensing. (follow simulator instructions carefully)
    The most fun is to download the code trials from the KISS-C to a CBC on a real bot.
    Instructions for building and simulating a simple robot are under ‘Hard
    ware/Software’ on the right.
    Most assignments can also be tried with the older “XBC” controller using IC, also a free download from the Botball website, or you can try them using a Mindstorms kit and NXC, available on the web.

  3. nasarobotproject Post author

    Thanks Shelly,
    I don’t think that play-station fits into the the objectives of Botball Programming, which introduces the use of C code to writing autonomous behavioral tasks for a robot controller. [can play-station run a C-programming development environment?]

  4. Shannon H.

    Hi! As a new Botball team, we LOVE this information! Thank you.

    Will this programming work with the Wallaby controller?

    Most code will work. A few functions have been renamed; check with 2016 workshop slides.


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